Mediation – Management of Non performing loans


In recent years, banking intermediation for the management of non-performing loans has been proved to be a flexible voluntary out-of-court settlement between borrowers and banks, which can be very beneficial for the debtor. The role of a legal advisor-mediator is essential during this process.


Our law firm has the experience and knowledge to provide legal aid and advice to achieve more favorable financial arrangements for their clients, suggesting beneficial solutions and practices for the efficient and rapid settlement and consolidation of their loans. We undertake both the role of mediator between the debtor and the bank and the legal advisor throughout the process.


In particular, we provide consulting and legal services in matters such as:


  • Debt consolidation
  • Consolidation practices
  • Negotiation with debtors
  • Debt restructuring, options and proposals
  • Debt repayment through sustainable repayment plans/installments
  • Out-of-court settlements and arrangements