“Charaktiniotis & Partners Law Firm” aims to provide high quality services. The capability, the knowledge and the experience of its staff, its infrastructure and the standards of its information systems are the factors that led to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification for Legal and Debt Management Services (Certificate Number 041 18 0116) from TUV HELLAS.


The ISO 9001:2015 Certification contributes substantially to the improvement of the services provided by our Law Firm, to the understanding and satisfaction of customers’ requirements, to the efficiency and effectiveness of the company, to the improvement of the company’s image, to the increase of staff satisfaction, the identification of risks but also to the avoidance and prevention of mistakes and failures.
Our Law Firm in order to ensure the high quality of its services, implements improvement processes, upgrades its infrastructure and updates its working environment.


Quality Policy


Our Law Firm provides legal services with responsibility, reliability and consistency within predetermined timeframes and in the best possible quality.
The company’s vision is to become synonymous with the successful implementation of the most demanding legal cases taking into account the requirements and expectations of its customers.
The objective of the company is to:
• Provide reliable services to the customer
• Successfully complete the offered services within the set timeframe
• Constantly improve the business organization and its profile
• Increase the company’s affairs through existing and new clientele
• Monitor and apply the regulatory framework governing the operation of the company
• The objective of the company is to continuously improve the effectiveness and quality of services provided through the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System
In order to achieve the above, our company’s Management and Employees commit to the following principles:
• The strategic analysis of the company’s customers and stakeholders’ goals in order to provide specialized services that meet their needs and expectations
• The excellent internal communication between Management and Executives
• The selection of specialized Executives and their continuous training
• The reliability of the company’s partners and suppliers through an ongoing monitoring and evaluation process
• Meeting the financial and timing commitments of services provided
• Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the company
• Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System’s processes aiming at increasing their efficiency
• Monitoring the Quality Management System through the definition of an indicator framework that is systematically reviewed