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“Charaktiniotis & Partners Law Firm” was founded by Ioannis Charaktiniotis and Fotini Papastefanatou and operates in Athens headquarters, Thessaloniki and Patras branch offices ever since 1984. With more than 40 years of substantial presence in the fields of legal advice and litigation, our Law Firm provides specialized services of legal support in a wide range of activities.
Our Law Firm provides legal and tax services to individuals, Greek and foreign companies, as well as Banks, Credit Institutions and Organizations.


Our Law Firm specializes in the provision of legal services which cover a wide array of practice areas, while litigation constitutes an integral and important part of all practice areas and more particularly:
Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Inheritance Law, Banking Law, Contract Law, Real Estate – Property Management, Public Procurement Law, Public Tenders, Administrative and Tax Law, Criminal Law.


Our Law Firm is distinguished in pursuing the recovery of due debts to Banks, Credit Institutions and Organizations and large business entities.
Known for the excellence of its lawyers and staff, our Firm strives to provide high quality services to our clients. Our work is based on the principles of devotion to ethics, transparency, confidentiality, protection of the personal data of our customers and debtors, efficiency and promptness.


Our Law Firm has developed a wide range of selected Law offices all over Greece, ensuring the direct and credible handling of cases before any court and authority within the Greek territory.


“Charaktiniotis & Partners Law Firm” is the exclusive member in Greece of the international network of Law Firms “LAWLINK”. We have an ongoing cooperation with international Law Firms aiming to better serving the needs of our clients abroad.

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