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Civil Law


Our law firm advises and defends all natural and juridical persons all over Greece. We are engaged in a wide range of cases regarding the General Principles of Civil Law, including the Law of Obligations, the Property Law, the Family and the Inheritance Law.


In particular, we offer counseling, out-of-court and in-court resolution of cases related to matters such as family law, ​​infringement of personal rights, civil professional liability, purchase and donation. We deal with private international law, property protection, as well as professional leasing. Having the required experience and the knowledge of all the legislative changes, revisions, and amended provisions, we ensure the fulfillment of our client’s interests and we undertake the resolution of any form of civil disputes.


Our lawyers handle the following cases of the Civil Code:


  • Sales & Purchases
  • Professional and commercial leases
  • Property Law
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Inheritance Law
  • Donations
  • Formation of Associations
  • Family Law